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The Delft Rinjinkai is a neighborhood group of Japanese and their friends in Delft, the Netherlands.

Our group was established aroung 20 years ago as "Delft Nihonjin Kai" by Japanese researchers and students at Delft University of Technology. We organize such events as dinners and excursions once a month or two months. We have a mailing list for the group members to exchange information.

As of March 2011, the group consists of about 30 members. They include students, researchers, and teachers at Delft University of Technology, employees at Japanese/Dutch/International companies in the Netherlands, and their families. Althoug the majority of the members are Japanese,  we also those who are going to Japan for study or work, or those who are simply interested in Japanese culture.

For any inquiries concerning the Delft Rinjinkai, please send email to us!

E-mail delftrinjin@gmail.com

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